@ years went by

… and I bided patiently while the “experts” went through the motions of relieving me of my life savings. My agreement to suspend publications here has now lapsed and a significant amount of further evidence has come to light.

This time I shall be posting unabridged details of the shenanigans perpetrated by my siblings. Let’s start with one of the many character assassinations and blatant lies produce in the Wellington High Court in affidavit form by my former brother, Marc Servaas Scaife.


As evidence he included this screen shot of one of my Youtubes with an underhand intent of framing me as some kind of “conspiracy nutter”.
Exhibit bundle for affidavit of Marc Scaifes

… yet anyone who actually watches my video can see it’s quite the opposite: In fact I conclude there is no sign of “chemtrails” over Christchurch! Either way, it’s totally irrelevant to the case, which is about them grabbing all mum’s assets when she developed Alzheimer’s. 

CAMERAThen Marc insinuated mental illness for “hearing voices”… Well Marc dear, it’s called a conscience and I’ve been told that people who don’t have a conscience are called psychopaths.

Preston Russel Lawyer throws a tantrum.

Preston-Russel-Tantrum Dear Mr. Young,

Regarding your letter of 22nd December.

@4 I do not know what “communication”, you believe my “brother” Marc, attended to, but on 6th of February, again on the 7th of February and the 8th of February 2014, and IFDK how many other times … I told him I would *not* be accepting him, nor Robin as executors. I have given as reason their blatant dishonesty in dealing with our mother’s asset, and I have both offered and provided evidence for this elsewhere. It includes their own admission to having done so.

@5 The application for letters of administration that I was aware of, was to appoint myself and Marc as executors. This would have been in accordance with the terms of our mother’s last Will. It was being dealt with by Mr. Phil McDonald of Cruickshank-Pryde, and I had my signatures all witnessed and legally affidavited as Mr. McDonald had asked me to.

Then Mr. Earles, registrar of the high court, enquired why consent had not been sought from all the beneficiaries. In my opinion he should have asked, why they refused to give it, because consent had been sought, but nobody to date has bothered to tell me what their problem was.

My other “brother”, Robin, apparently issued a caveat. Robin is one of the two who, by his own admission, and on his own authority sequestrated substantial assets of our mothers without her knowledge, or consent in 2001. His pretext at the time was that she was not mentally competent due to her Alzheimer condition and that he was going to administrate it on her behalf. I have to date seen no accountability for his “administration”. In any case, I was not told what said caveat was about, but I was told it meant a court case would be necessary.

While there were some other deficiencies to be sorted, I was not asked, and I did not agree for McDonald to uplift our application, rather than address the points that Earles had raised.

I also still believe it would have been more appropriate to apply for probate than for letters of administration, because Earles claim that appointing trustees of the estate rather than executors renders the will invalid, is highly debateable. I have since learned that Mr. Earles provided plenty unilateral advice to previous legal experts who were refusing to inform me of what was going on, but he didn’t show the common decency to reply when I asked why said trustees should not have power to also act as the executors of mum’s estate. It’s actually rather pointless appointing trustees for the estate of the deceased, if they do not have such authority, so it’s just complete bull shit, isn’t it?!

@6 I have recieved no copy of an application for a letter of administration from Marc, or from Robin. Had I recieved one, I would not have given consent for the reason I already told you: Their demonstrable dishonesty and subterfuge in dealing with mum’s assets.

@7 In light of that, and the proceeding history, my e-mail to your firm is entirely correct and there is a lot more to say about it too. I will be requiring compensation.

I would like to make you aware that I have been the target of over a decade of extensive slander and defamation.
My son and I endured multiple intrusive investigations and harassment, due to cowardly anonymous false accusations of crimes, such as pedophila and rape.

Evidence now comes to light that at least some of this was at the behest of my siblings in furtive collusion with their previous “lawyer”, a Mr Stammer-Smith, and other parties.

Further more I remind Preston Russel “lawyers” that there are still reason for observing due legal process in this country. I am looking forward to learning exactly on what authority Mr. Earles suddenly qualifies to secretly rubber stamp the alleged application, without ensuring said process is observed. I fully intend to publish what I find.

On grounds of the reality of this case, your petulent demand for my apology & retractions, as well as your threats of “action” are simply laughable. Now kindly instruct Mr. Mawhinney to provide the information I requested: What application was submitted and what permission was granted, and to whom.

Truly disgusted,
Ms. F. A. Perduta

Professionally Negligent: Preston Russel Law

Communicating with the latest legal professional who is helping my siblings defraud mum’s estate.

It looks like even though I am nominated beneficiary, and appointed trustee of mum’s estate, somehow this “lawyer” tricked the high court into appointing as executors the two siblings who (by their own admission) took all mums money… without anyone even telling me!


Well Mr Mawahinney, I’ll e-mail the pdf to you, post the image in public on the internet and I’ll print it out and send it to you too. BTW I notice that you have a history of incompetence and professional negligence, and I’m going to really enjoy taking a dissolute scum bag like you down.

Dale Lester, Barrister

Dale-Lester-Canterbury-ChambersDale Lester is a legal professional who gave me some advice back in 2011. Earlier this  year it looked like my sibling’s “estate” lawyer was going to get executors appointed, at long last, so I contacted him for advice once more.
Well I did not hear back for a couple of weeks, so late one evening I phoned his number just to see if it still existed. To my surprise he answered. I asked him if he received my e-mail and he confirmed that he had, but did not have time to “go thru it all” yet. He said he would get back to me as soon as he had.

BarristerHighlightedI never heard from him again and he did not answer any other attempts to contact him. So I have a question for you too Mr. “barrister”:

How I am supposed to inquire with financial institutions, if the Will is dismissed on petty technicalities, then my siblings block my appointment as an executor for undisclosed reasons, and somehow secretly get the “high court” to put them in charge uncontested?

This stinks to high heaven of dirty politics!
Is that how New Zealand law works?
Now why would this so called “professional” not be responding?

Would it not have been professional courtesy to at least let me know that you were not going to accept me as a client again, and why not, Dale Lester?

Question Time: Who *do* they answer to?

LinkedInDear Anabelle J,

Why were you as a “Principle Advisor at New Zealand Ministry of Justice” checking my LinkedIn profile last year? What were you looking for, what did you find, on whose behalf and what was your conclusion? Am I not allowed to know what the accusations are and are you going to clear my name when you find no evidence?

Why am I unable to get a straight answer from anyone in the New Zealand legal system? False accusations, furtive court hearings, uncommunicative legal professionals, government departments covering each other’s back, secrecy, lies… deception…

Is this the new face of “justice” in New Zealand?

You leave me no choice but to ask my questions in public. See there is a public comments section for their convenience.

I have done nothing wrong, but to ask for my equal legal rights.

Does their sinister silence testify to their guilty conscience?

TERF connexion

I had never even heard the acronym “TERF” until I became aware of unidentified 3rd parties doxing and defaming me without provocation. However… I shall make a separate blog about them, because family business is none of their business.

… anyway … so after my siblings had malevolently interfered in my divorce, abused one authority after the other, corrupted the entire New Zealand legal system to deny me representation, milked our mother dry and denied me my legitimate inheritance… they set about drumming up support from transphobic hate cults to defame, persecute and harass me (and my child too, as if he hadn’t suffered enough!).

44-MandyTrespassSmallNo sooner did I respond to the TERF hate campaign, than Amanda Rowe e-mailed my son who lives in England with his mum. Her purpose to denigrate me and once again abuse my child as a means to get at me. Nick responded by calling me a “tin foil hat conspiracy theorist” and criticizing me for being anti-feminist.

i.e. I had been critical of the TERF hate group who had been conducting their unprovoked personal hate campaign, instigated by Amanda, my sibling,s and apparently some guy call Christopher William Pappas that lives near Niagara Falls and I have no idea what his problem is.

So I finally decided that the only way to protect my child is to let every one know that I don’t care about him at all. It is the only way to ensure that nobody can abuse him to get at me, or hold him to ransom or use him for emotional black mail.

Note: Amanda Rowe had stalked me for several years interfering intrusively, while I was desperately trying to present a male role model and look after my son here, even though he was distrustful and very demanding due to what his mother had been telling him over those years that she had denied us all contact, During that time Amanda made numerous false accusations to the authorities and also provided my “brother” Robin Scaife with information with which to discredit me.

In this picture Amanda was on my doorstep making false claims that came from Robin, and refusing to leave. I phoned the Police, but they would not come. She subsequently said she would tell me what Robin had been saying about me if I opened the door. When I did, she promptly barged in, physically assaulted me, ripped my clothing (while calling me a “fucking cunt” repeatedly) and demanding that I hand over my camera.

I had no choice but to to get her out by force. In the struggle we fell over my bicycle (which she damaged in the process) and we both sustained scratches and bruises. These she evidently later showed to the police. An officer phoned me, and said he they were putting me on an assault charge. He did not come to see my bruises, and he cut me off saying he wasn’t going to listen to my ‘stories’. So I told him I have a legal right to expel intruders by force, and I hung up.

Note that all three accounts that have commented on any of the posts in this web log have been identified as belonging to Amanda Rowe. Her motive? Malice!