The family Heirlooms

As mum’s Alzheimer condition got worse my siblings sold her house and deported her to a rental flat in the Netherlands to evade gift duty. They must have take all her valuables that included silver and gold family heirlooms as well as hand cut antique crystal. They never offered to share any of it after mum died.

When I last visited my brother Marc I even saw the spring loaded pocket knife that my dad had given me for my 12th birthday lying rusting in his garage… these truly are the most selfish spoiled stinkers one can imagine and if our parents could see the  way they have behaved they would turn in their graves.


abetted embezzlement

After we had decide that mum’s deteriorating Alzheimer condition left her unable to care for herself while living alone in her home in New Zealand, my siblings apparently decided to relieve our mum of her financial assets on the pretext of preventing her from managing them unwisely.

Here 10 years later is sibling Robin admitting that mum was totally incompetent to manage her financial affairs and had been for some time, e.g. she was sold a lease-hold just before the lease expired!


The arrogant shit has the temerity to pretend that him grabbing all mum’s Fidelity shares was somehow beneficial to us all, but I shall be looking into his lies in due course as evidence shows Robin had possession of these and other major capital assets many years earlier already.

But back to year 2000 now… Marc, drove up from Queenstown to visit mum in Nelson. He got a local solicitor, Christopher Colin Wright to draw up a power of attorney to make all the decisions for her well-being and care. He also had powers of attorney over mum’s financial assets drawn up.
Mr. Wright neglected to question why the existing powers of attorney would be inadequate and why the new ones were only for some of the children and not for others.

Note: During court case in CIV: 2016-485-125, about 16 years later, it became clear this had been to conceal the fact these siblings had already helped themselves to considerable financial assets and had in fact been doing so since 1980.

2001-04-20-mum-empower marc-contrast(click image to see document full size)

Now considering the need for this power of attorney would have been mum’s declining mental capacity, then to me this solid wall of legal jargon suggests  they were trying to bamboozle her and obfuscate what exactly she was signing so as to take advantage of the misguided trust she placed in her “Queenstown Architect” son.

Clutching this document firmly in his hand, Marc left mum sitting in Mr Wright’s office while he dashed out to a nearby real-estate agent to put her home on the market without her being present to ask WTF he was up to.

Back then, New Zealand had a gift duty, but in the Netherlands where mum had been born, there was no such tax. They flew her out to Maastricht, registered her new abode and dumped her in a shabby rental flat up two flights of stairs. When I went to rescue her 3 years later the smell and dust in her flat suggested she hadn’t washed in all that time and the only food she had in the house was a jar of peanut butter that she had been eating bit by bit with a small tea spoon.

Mum said she didn’t like the nephew coming round every week and that she had told my siblings: “op dat hok ga ik niet zitten”   (I  don’t want to live in that shit-hole), but that they had just ignored her.

Now 10 years later, solicitor Colin Wright produced an affidavit in the Wellington high court testifying that he remembered Mrs Scaife being in full possession of her mental faculties when she signed the power of attorney that he witnessed.

Sadly for Mr Wright, qualified medical experts, both a few months earlier in New Zealand as well as a few months later in the Netherlands confirmed mum was in fact suffering from “cerebral atrophy” and in need of help even with simple daily activities…

Certainly not what I consider mentally competent to sign such a comprehensive power of attorney in favor of a self serving beneficiary of her estate: These assets should have been put in a trust.

  • Conspiring with a greedy heir to rip of his elderly mother
  • Turning a blind eye to her declining mental capacity
  • failure to question superseding existing powers of attorney for some beneficiaries and not others.
  • Lying to help fraudsters cheat their sibling
  • Perjury in an affidavit to the Wellington High Court…

I may not know much about the right legal jargon for this bull-shit, but unethical conduct and professional negligence seem blatantly obvious to me. One thing I do know is that “legal privilege” cannot be used as a pretext to conceal fraud or professional misconduct and that under these circumstances it is forfeit.

Professional Profiteer

Greg A. Keene

 Greg can't be bothered with a website,
 but here are his contact details:
	45B Epsom Avenue
	Auckland 1023
	Tel: (09) 630 7767

My originating application had been a very simple issue: To have the inappropriately appointed estate executors replaced by one who would have no conflict of interest. This was necessary because my siblings were refusing to provide accounts, to provide a list of estate assets, to explain, nor even to acknowledge the major distributions they had made of family assets while mum was mentally compromised.

Instead of focusing on the task at hand Mr. Keene committed me to expensive forensic accounting. Yet he had allowed that to be constrained so that it wouldn’t even address my concerns. Meanwhile he himself was profiting from escalating litigation costs on issues that justice Cull wasn’t even going to be ruling on!

Mr. Keene demanded I continue to place my trust in him and his forensic accounting expert even though he had so far left everything until the last moment. It later transpired that neither he, nor this so called “expert accountant” believed that what they had chosen to investigate was going to show anything, and I think they should have listened to what I had expressed in my videos to them as documented in an earlier post.

Subsequent to the second hearing in the Wellington Highcourt on 9th of March 2017 in which “justice” Cull had literally barked “just show me the document!” in frustration at Mr. Keene’s inane waffling, for the next 5 months Mr. Keen kept fobbing me off with excuses about family problems and then he was too busy with other cases to answer even the simplest question, let alone help me prepare my next affidavit in accordance with the court’s schedule.

Here is the last telephone conversation I had with this bungling idiot. I shall be reviewing his attitude as he tries to shift the blame for his failure onto me, his client when he neglected to provide “expert” legal advice even when asked direct questions and ignored my request that he denounce the subterfuge and ethical malpractice of opposing council.

extortion is no justice

End of Legal Avenues

qc-helen-cull All she had to do, was rule whether persons compromised by self interest in the administration of an estate should be replaced with independent executors, so that the interests of all concerned could be served (for a change).

In bankrupting the plaintiff with redundant investigations without decision, “Justice” Helen Cull makes a mockery of justice in the Wellington High Court.

Censorship Rescinded

Despite deception and self serving dishonesty that has been revealed, not one of the legal issues was addressed, or resolved. Instead a bunch of New Zealand lawyers colluded to milk this for all they could and then coerced their clients into signing a deed by which they conceal violations of ethical conduct.


character defamation

Confidentiality clauses in the deed was one thing lawyer bickered about at escalting costs. The only way to stop them was to sign their fucking deed under duress. However online and intrusive harassment for the sake of antagonizing and discrediting me had been going on for many years.

This bit of trolling was in the comment section of an otherwise completely unconnected Youtube I had made. It’s nearly impossible to find out who they are, where they get their information from, or why they are doing it, but I believe “Marie Ess” in this one is my sister Marie Marguerite Scaife, and she evidently knew I had been a smoker back in the 20th century.


targeted harassment continues to this day and I am documenting it on my independent blog site (temporarily unavailable due to administrative error on my part).

Here is evidence of more recent collusion between my profiteering New Zealand lawyers and toxic agents of transphobic feminism (terfs). I want to point out that publishing the abuse that fake cyber identities target me with does not in any way constitute “libel” and that my web site was restored after their allegations were investigated.


I shall be discussing these morally compromised lawyers next, before getting back to the pathological corruption in Wellington Highcourt.


Legally Corrupt

Two videos I made while attempting to communicate with my legal “expert” Greg Keene who lives up in Auckland. This was after he had already dissipated $152,000 in legal fees “representing” me in an inheritance case against my money grabbing siblings.


I shall be documenting the case Perduta v. Scaife (CIV: 2016-485-125) and the morally destitute “professionals” who milked it for all they could without even resolving the simplest legal issue: Should executors with blatant conflict of interest and demonstrable history of concealing information remain appointed?

defamation in court

Seeking to discredit me in court my siblings used fake identities to stalk, doxx, and troll me on social media.
In this short video I had concluded there was no evidence of so called “chemtrails” where I live, and yet even though it was of no relevance to the ongoing court case, Marc abused it as “evidence” that I would be some kind of conspiracy nut. This is one of the pages his 300+ page “evidence bundle”.


Just how low were these “siblings” prepared to go? We shall be exploring soon!

Won’t submit to terrorism

With the parody of New Zealand “justice” finally over, This site is back and returning  to free speech with a vengeance.

I shall be revealing truth without censorship, exposing lies corruption unethical conduct and duplicity of the scum who should have known better.