Melahi’s Revenge

First some advice, from “Blonde in the Belly of the Beast”.

I will be addressing the vile character defamation perpetrated by siblings in due course when I discuss what they actually did rather than what legal profiteers promoted, but first I want to discuss the Malfeasance in legal practice and judiciary of New Zealand.

Truth and Free speech


With the parody of New Zealand “justice” finally over, this site is back and returning to free speech with a vengeance.

I shall be revealing truth without censorship, exposing lies corruption unethical conduct and duplicity of the scum who should have known better.

IMHO the ethical misconduct, unexplained disrespect and covert collusion displayed by some lawyers on this case needs to be investigated and the perpetrators are to be held accountable.

I will be documenting this process and start by restoring documents I had concealed out of undue courtesy for the legal process.

I will be adding details about malpractice practicing in the legal professions in the menu on the left.

I just want to say that respect needs to be earned while contempt on the other hand, is usually deserved. ?

3 thoughts on “Melahi’s Revenge”

  1. Hi, I’ve got no idea what you’re on about especially regarding “A” sexual or what ever. I personally believe that if you have a Y chromosome then you’re biologically a man.

    Anyway, now that that’s out of the way.
    I can’t stand the UN and where we are heading, we didn’t vote for the UN as much as the UK didn’t vote for the EU’s powers that be.

    I don’t care too much for NWO rhetoric or bureaucratic nonsense especially regarding housing, food, manners, common decency but what gives me the shits is when the UN, WHO and paid for bureaucrats expect us to pay for their self entitled lifestyle.

    Doesn’t make sense


    1. My chromosomes shouldn’t dictate my role in life. Surely it should be my choice? However, it’s not really what this site was meant to be about. I’m letting this rest now as I can’t fight the creepy Freemason collusion, and will never get anything but abuse from the legal machine.


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