Dale Lester, Barrister

Dale-Lester-Canterbury-ChambersDale Lester is a legal professional who gave me some advice back in 2011. Earlier this  year it looked like my sibling’s “estate” lawyer was going to get executors appointed, at long last, so I contacted him for advice once more.
Well I did not hear back for a couple of weeks, so late one evening I phoned his number just to see if it still existed. To my surprise he answered. I asked him if he received my e-mail and he confirmed that he had, but did not have time to “go thru it all” yet. He said he would get back to me as soon as he had.

BarristerHighlightedI never heard from him again and he did not answer any other attempts to contact him. So I have a question for you too Mr. “barrister”:

How I am supposed to inquire with financial institutions, if the Will is dismissed on petty technicalities, then my siblings block my appointment as an executor for undisclosed reasons, and somehow secretly get the “high court” to put them in charge uncontested?

This stinks to high heaven of dirty politics!
Is that how New Zealand law works?
Now why would this so called “professional” not be responding?

Would it not have been professional courtesy to at least let me know that you were not going to accept me as a client again, and why not, Dale Lester?


10 thoughts on “Dale Lester, Barrister”

  1. Maybe cos’ he was worried you might publicly villify him with whatever he said like you do everyone else who disagrees with you.


    1. Oh really now “Enlightened”?! o_O… apart from being an anonymous TERF hater, who the fuck are you, is it your business and what would *you* know about it? Got any actual *EVIDENCE* of vilification coming from me? All I see is your shit coming my way.


  2. Where is the ‘Evidence? Lol…scattered all over the Internet! I’m not at all surprised you are unable to get any Lawyer to represent you!


    1. Produce evidence instead of allegations dear terftard!
      All I did is to show evidence why my complaint to the Law Society’s “legal complaints service” was fully justified. Apart from that, these blatantly corrupt charlatans are breaking the law by advertising that they uphold standards, when all they actually do is furtively silence anyone who dares use their disservice.
      Now kindly fuck off *stalker*.


  3. I see you accused others of being this *stalker* person too. Just how many *stalkers* do you have? And why would anyone want to stalk you!
    The ‘evidence’ as well as ‘evidence’ of your mental illness is obvious to anyone in their right mind!


    1. Fuck off Amanda Rowe of 18 Bollero Place, Parklands Christchurch, e-mail: amandarowe@slingshot.co.nz, tel: +6433838522, mbl: +64277404397. Haven’t you done enough damage?

      What reason did you have to help my siblings screw me out of my rightful inheritance?
      What reason did you have to try framing me as a rapist, a child molester and a sex pervert?
      What reason did you have to instigate one intrusive investigation after the other, causing fears and doubts in my already alienated and damaged child?
      What reason did you have for perpetrating and instigating online harassment and persecution for nearly a decade, when I had asked you politely many times to just leave me alone?

      You are a sick, and malevolent psycho.

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  4. That’s one nutty woman right there. Dale Lester is a well respected barrister and doesn’t need to bother with people like you….


    1. Use your real name if you want to talk to me. At no point have *MY* interests been heard and the people administrating the estate prior to mum’s death are now the ones acting as executors: A clear conflict of interest.
      Any half decent “barrister” would have responded to correspondence and the fact they just write their own ticket without even letting me know what application was made.
      I had every right to use then “lawyer complaint’s service” and nobody had a right to block my access to legal services.
      The fact they stoop so low to cheat a girl out of her equal share as per wishes of the deceased just shows they have no conscience.


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