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Fri, 28th November 2014, Christchurch, New Zealand.

Dear Hon. Amy Adams, New Zealand Minister of Justice,

After you forwarded my previous request to Jane Penney of the Wellington High court she informed that the matter had been concluded without my knowledge.

This case has been about my late mother’s last Will. A perfectly reasonable request, that her estate be divided equally between her 4 children, and taking into account what she had already advanced to some. I too, have not been uneasonable in asking that my siblings acknowledge the assets they received (as documented by the deceased) and account for the additional assets that they lifted from mum’s estate, after she became afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease.

However, what has been less than reasonable, (and most inequitable) is that instead, my siblings appointed lawyers to represent the estate unilaterally on their behalf. Their lawyers refused to represent my interests oreven communicate with me, even though I am a nominated beneficiary, and an appointed trustee of the estate.  Evidence shows indisputably that they lied, colluded, and prevaricated with irrelevance and misdirection.

My consequent complaint to the Law Society, and to the LCRO were appropriate: I do have a right to be informed of what they were doing on behalf of mum’s estate. I do have a right to be included in communications. I have a right to have my interests represented. I also had a legal right to ask that mum’s Will be submitted for the court to make the decisions. They did not have a right to refuse!

Alas, instead of upholding standards in the legal profession, both the New Zealand Law Society and the LCRO, gave dishonest and deceitful reviews. It has also come to light that they surreptitiously then acted to deny me further professional legal services of any kind what-so-ever.

Now this recent proceeding in the high court took place entirely behind my back. I have still not been informed what was presented and to whom, what document probate was granted on, whether executors have been appointed, whether assets are being distributed, whose authority anyone has been acting on, let alone that mum’s last wished would have been respected and my interests represented. I declare it fraudulent and unlawful. I am entitled to compensation.

Furthermore, it has come to light that the extensive harassment and character defamation, perpetrated against me over many years now, (and has included false accusations of crimes like rape and pedophilia), were orchestrated by my siblings. This they did in attempt to discredit me. They abused multiple authorities to instigate investigations.
They derailed, misrepresented and discredited my online and real life activities. More recently, they enlisted the aid of international transphobic hate groups, to target me… and much more.

All this has taken place, while I was trying to look after my child. A child who had already been psychologically damaged by malevolent manipulation of divorce proceedings. It has taken place while I was trying to restart my career and struggling to update my skills… It has taken place, while my home and our city lay in ruins due to earth quake disasters.

My sibling’s personal persecution and legal shenanigans to defraud mums estate and bypass her last wishes, has been at the expense of my career, my studies and my emotional well-being. It culminated in traumatic stress, demoralizing me to the brink of suicide. In fact as a direct result, for two whole years I was not even able to go ask for help, yet it continued unabated. All this testifies to guilty demeanor and dissolute moral deficiency of not only the Scaife siblings but also of the legal professionals involved.

Historical details of this situation are now to be found at https://angelicaperduta.wordpress.com/ but, as this is far from an unusual case, I will not abide in silence that such abuse and unmitigated greed be empowered uncontested:

We, the undersigned of this petition, request that YOU, our elected representative responsible for policies on matters of justice, address the issues of corruption, deception and profiteering in our legal system.

Yours faithfully,

Ms. F.A. Perduta

Law without Jurisdiction

CIV-2013-485-6986 Estate of Scaife

to: Jane.Penney@justice.govt.nz, a.adams@ministers.govt.nz, info@justice.govt.nz, tribunals@justice.govt.nz, admin@prlaw.co.nz, swati.bhim@parliament.govt.nz

From: rsperduta@gmail.com

Tel: 021 1249310

Note: Due to high volume of nuisance phone calls experienced, I do not answer calls that have number withheld. However there has always been opportunity to leave voice mail on that number.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Dear Jane Penney

Seeing probate is what we were asking for from the start, I am pleased to learn that at long last such has been granted.

However, your court’s “technical adviser” a Mr. John Earles, previously “advised” that the Will was not valid, because it appointed trustees rather than executors. Said “expert” has ever since remained unwilling to explain why such “trustees” would not have the power to act as “executors”.

Now I would certainly agree that it sounds like a feeble pretext, but none-the-less the “professional expert” that my siblings had appointed, a Mr. Phil McDonald of Cruickshank-Pryde (in Invercargil), consequently flatly refused to accede to my request, that the Will be presented for the court to decide (even though my lawyer thought it was a valid Will, and that I should insist he do so). Thus this raises the questions:

1. What application was made, what documents were presented and WTF was probate granted on?

Secondly, in accordance with Mr Earles “technical expertise”, application for letters of administration were submitted. I agreed to them and signed them with affidavits and witnesses and all the other bureaucratic paraphernalia you people allegedly would have wanted,  but your court declined anyway: I seem to remember there were some petty issues about which section of the application certain items had been placed, but I felt that an “expert” with over 30 years experience would be able to sort that out.

Your court also questioned why “permission had not been sought from all the beneficiaries”. This was rather strange, because the documentation clearly showed that it had been sought. It showed that a Robin Michael Scaife and a Marie Marguerite Scaife refused to give such permission. I saw no mention of them giving a cogent reason for their refusal. So as far as I’m concerned that was without merit.

2. Why was this time, it not necessary that I be informed,  let alone my approval sought for this latest application from yet another sneaky law firm? Once again they were blatantly acting only on behalf of the ones who had taken all mums assets, which as far as I know is a criminal violation of the property protection act 1984. Note: IMHO this has “guilty demeanor” plastered all over it, yet your court was oblivious to that? #YeahRight!

AFAIK, as a nominated beneficiary, and appointed trustee of my mother’s estate, ANY application must be made with my knowledge, and with representation of the interest of all concerned. FYI, that includes my interests, regardless of the fact that I am a transgender person. Consequently I declare that the matter is NOT “closed in your court”. The underhand and furtive proceedings were unlawful, and your determination is without jurisdiction. Restitution of consequential damages will be required, from those responsible.

Mr. R E Mawhinney at Preston Russell Law in Queenstown has not seen fit to contact me, and so he was not acting on behalf of mum’s estate. You see, he did not have legitimate authority to do so. Mr. Mawhinney has been professionally negligent, and probably guilty of perverting the course of justice. It is not my responsibility to sort things out with him. It is your responsibility to ensure that due process is observed in the first place.

I therefor hereby revert this issue to our latest minister of “justice”, Hon. Amy Adams. As a minister of justice, it is her job to restore integrity to the New Zealand legal system. I inform you that until she does so, I am under no obligation to acknowledge, or comply with the jurisdiction and edicts of our utterly corrupt, and morally destitute New Zealand legal system.


Ms. F. A. Perduta

(Formerly Mr. C. J. Scaife)


~~~ PEr aRDUa ad asTrA ~~~
(Through adversity to the stars)

Wellington High Court: Morally Destitute

Having had everything I’ve ever said about my mum’s estate flatly ignored and dismissed, by the legal profession, I’ve once again been fobbed off by one bureaucrat after the other. I did make a short Youtube series about it, a while back as it’s exactly the same kind of treatment I experienced from the “family” court in England before that.

Anyway, finally I get this message back from a Jane Penney of the Wellington High Court:
Well previously when I asked to apply for probate my siblings refused to let “our” lawyer do that. So I tried to go along with their application for letters of administration… but then they objected to me being included in that too. Robin even went so far as filing a caveat against me although nobody ever told me what that was for. I think the real reason was that I politely had asked them to account for the assets they took from mum when she developed Alzheimer’s.

Now it’s quite incredible that after all the correspondence with the Wellington High Court, all they had to do is appoint yet another law firm that refuses to communicate with me and that I know nothing about. The High Court evidently didn’t see anything wrong with that and rubber stamped their application without even informing me, either before, during, or on completion. I don’t even know what document was granted probate on, but AFAIK I am a beneficiary of the Will, as well as a nominated trustee of mum’s estate. Lawyers acting in conflict of interest? No… never! (According to the New Zealand Law Society). Note: The Legal Complaints Review Office (i.e the ministry of “justice”) agreed with them.

I’m preparing my response. Evidently it won’t make a blind bit of difference in this cuntry where the law is demonstrably a farce,  but I’m not going to suffer their abuse in silence. In the first place I’m simply not able to bottle it all up inside me anymore, but also, I think the general public have a right to know. In fact I feel the government have a duty to restore justice and integrity to our sick legal industry.

I am going to be demanding compensation, for the losses I suffer, for the futile impositions on my time and the emotional distress as well as for all the public harassment. I doubt I’ll get anywhere, but if my ex son should ever read this, then he might want to contact his uncle Robin Michael Scaife: Ask about your share of the money that Robin says mum left to her grandchildren, Nick. He wouldn’t disclose any specifics, but he did say it was enough to buy each of his 3 children a house of their own. You might be able to contact Robin on Facebook, but I was blocked from there (I have no idea what for, or when). Alternatively you could write to him. The last recorded address I have is: 35 Leura Street, Nedlands WA6009, Perth, Western Australia… I doubt you’ll get anywhere either, but you have nothing to lose.

TERF connexion

I had never even heard the acronym “TERF” until I became aware of unidentified 3rd parties doxing and defaming me without provocation. However… I shall make a separate blog about them, because family business is none of their business.

… anyway … so after my siblings had malevolently interfered in my divorce, abused one authority after the other, corrupted the entire New Zealand legal system to deny me representation, milked our mother dry and denied me my legitimate inheritance… they set about drumming up support from transphobic hate cults to defame, persecute and harass me (and my child too, as if he hadn’t suffered enough!).

44-MandyTrespassSmallNo sooner did I respond to the TERF hate campaign, than Amanda Rowe e-mailed my son who lives in England with his mum. Her purpose to denigrate me and once again abuse my child as a means to get at me. Nick responded by calling me a “tin foil hat conspiracy theorist” and criticizing me for being anti-feminist.

i.e. I had been critical of the TERF hate group who had been conducting their unprovoked personal hate campaign, instigated by Amanda, my sibling,s and apparently some guy call Christopher William Pappas that lives near Niagara Falls and I have no idea what his problem is.

So I finally decided that the only way to protect my child is to let every one know that I don’t care about him at all. It is the only way to ensure that nobody can abuse him to get at me, or hold him to ransom or use him for emotional black mail.

Note: Amanda Rowe had stalked me for several years interfering intrusively, while I was desperately trying to present a male role model and look after my son here, even though he was distrustful and very demanding due to what his mother had been telling him over those years that she had denied us all contact, During that time Amanda made numerous false accusations to the authorities and also provided my “brother” Robin Scaife with information with which to discredit me.

In this picture Amanda was on my doorstep making false claims that came from Robin, and refusing to leave. I phoned the Police, but they would not come. She subsequently said she would tell me what Robin had been saying about me if I opened the door. When I did, she promptly barged in, physically assaulted me, ripped my clothing (while calling me a “fucking cunt” repeatedly) and demanding that I hand over my camera.

I had no choice but to to get her out by force. In the struggle we fell over my bicycle (which she damaged in the process) and we both sustained scratches and bruises. These she evidently later showed to the police. An officer phoned me, and said he they were putting me on an assault charge. He did not come to see my bruises, and he cut me off saying he wasn’t going to listen to my ‘stories’. So I told him I have a legal right to expel intruders by force, and I hung up.

Note that all three accounts that have commented on any of the posts in this web log have been identified as belonging to Amanda Rowe. Her motive? Malice!


Stale Mate

Perduta letter2-9-14Dear Paula Tesoriero,

Alas the estate lawyers appointed by my brother at Cruickshank-Pryde would only do what my siblings instructed them, which has not included the steps outlined by Ms. Penny.

Meanwhile New Zealand Law Society’s corrupt response to my legitimate complaint, about Cruickshank-Pryde acting in conflict of interest, is precluding me from obtaining any further professional advice. In my opinion it was the responsibility of the Ministry of Justice through their Legal Complaints Review Office to ensure that the law remains accessible to all parties, but they have instead elected to endorse the white-wash from our Law Society. Thus your recommendation I get professional legal advice, is not possible as lawyers flatly reject me as a client or don’t even reply.

As I already explained, the legal advice I did receive some time ago, was that probate could be granted on my mothers hand written last Will and Testament and that the documents should be placed before the court so that they can make a decision one way or the other. I cannot supply original documents that were either already in posession of the court, or have been held by opposing parties over the past 4 years.

There seems to be nothing more I can do about this matter, so I shall simply state my objection to the extensive violations and disrespect of my rights, property, and privacy that have taken place. In the public interest I declare the matter now public domain, and I claim the right to publish it.

Kind regards,


Ms. F.A.  Perduta

The Arrogant

Note: I shall be adding links to relevant evidence soon. To legal people involved my reply is: You’ve been presented with all this and much more over the past 4 years. You have done nothing but prevaricate, so either take it to court finally, or just STFU.

Robin My brother, Robin Michael Scaife admits in his e-mail that our mother was no longer mentally capable to look after her assets in 2001. He says that they transferred her Fidelity shares into his name and mum’s Canadian funds into Marc’s name. Note: despite this admission and the 84 pages of evidence they were supplied with, our objective “Legal Complaints Review Office” (as well as the New Zealand Law Society) dismiss this as “allegations”.
While I have had practically no involvement with Robin what-so-ever over the past 30+ years, he suddenly started spreading rumors trying to frame me for rape and pedophilia. Robin apparently also raised objections to my being appointed as an executor for mum’s estate, although nobody has said for what reason.

Some of the evidence:

SetWidth550-Screen-Shot-2013-02-07-at-12.04.05-PM My brother, Jan-Marc Servaas Scaife, built an expensive mansion on lake Wakatipu. It is in a “family trust” entirely financed from money he obtained from our mum. After we decided mum’s Alzheimer condition had deteriorated to the stage she could not look after herself, in 2001 Marc had mum sign an enduring power of attorney, including permission for him to carry on unspecified “gifting programs” on her behalf. Originally Marc had claimed they signed assets over so as to administrate them on mum’s behalf but the moment she dies, he and his bent lawyer started claiming they had been “gifts”. He also lied, claiming there were no records of debts to mum’s estate.

  • Marc’s Power of Attorney, drafted after we decided mum was not competent to look after her assets and giving him permission to carry on unspecified gifting programs.

Simon_Stamers-Smith_photo-250pxSimon Stammer-Smith, a lawyer with Cruikshank-Pryde law firm has been a friend of Marc’s for decades. He was fully aware of what Marc was up to and made false statements alleging I would have received more than my share already. Simon refused to communicate with me from the start. Eventually the Law Society supplied extensive records of unilateral communications between Simon and my three siblings. They were blatantly colluding to excuse the embezzlement of mum’s assets in conflict with my interests as a nominated beneficiary of the estate, which Simon would have had a professional duty to defend. They found petty technicalities to claim mum’s Will would be invalid. The Will was perfectly reasonable request to share her estate equally between her 4 children taking into account the advances (debts to the estate) that she already given to some.

  • Simon fabricating legalities to bypass equal distribution of the whole estate as was intended by mum.
  • Simon and Marc dismissing embezzled funds as “gifts”.
  • Simon sneering about “Chris’s latest” with the 3 siblings who had helped themselves to mums assets and chattels.

SomonCouncilorIt is worth noting that Simon Stammer-Smith is running for election and so this might be why the Law Society and the Legal Complaints Review Office are reluctant to concede his professional misconduct. However in my opinion it’s all the more reason he should be discredited as it is not in the public interest to have corrupt duplicitous liars appointed to positions of authority and trust.

Legally Privileged?

For fear of reprisals authorities protect the identity of those reporting criminal activities, and they will even accept anonymous tip-offs, but what about the right of those falsely accused to be protected against malevolent harassment, slander and ongoing persecution?

Elsewhere I shall publish details of the incriminating allegations made against me over many years, and the devastating effect they had on myself and my child.
Suffice it to say here,  that evidence shows a lot of it, was instigated by my own siblings. Their intent: To discredit my sanity, and so to dismiss my objections to being cheated out of my rightful inheritance.

You see, following our mother’s death, my brother Marc, hired a bent “estate” lawyer who acted in flagrant conflict of interest to cover up the fact they had embezzled mum’s financial assets while she was suffering from Alzheimer disease:
Said lawyer manipulated the system, to achieve that I would be denied professional legal services, while anything I say is simply dismissed as “allegations” and all evidence I produce has been ignored.

Communications with lawyers are usually considered “legally privileged”.  One might also assume that my siblings privacy should be respected, however they have shown no respect what-so-ever for my privacy, or my legal communications. They abused their privilege to conceal fraud.
Not only was I cheated, but I have been incriminated and harassed malevolently for years.
Appealing to the appropriate authorities consumed much of my energy, but there is nothing to suggest they have considered anything that I said at all.

Due to this lack of integrity, I hereby declare their claims to privilege and privacy are defunct and assert my right to publish the unadulterated truth, without censorship for the world to see exactly how dissolute and corrupt our New Zealand legal system has become.

I’ll be back :o)