@ years went by

… and I bided patiently while the “experts” went through the motions of relieving me of my life savings. My agreement to suspend publications here has now lapsed and a significant amount of further evidence has come to light.

This time I shall be posting unabridged details of the shenanigans perpetrated by my siblings. Let’s start with one of the many character assassinations and blatant lies produce in the Wellington High Court in affidavit form by my former brother, Marc Servaas Scaife.


As evidence he included this screen shot of one of my Youtubes with an underhand intent of framing me as some kind of “conspiracy nutter”.
Exhibit bundle for affidavit of Marc Scaifes

… yet anyone who actually watches my video can see it’s quite the opposite: In fact I conclude there is no sign of “chemtrails” over Christchurch! Either way, it’s totally irrelevant to the case, which is about them grabbing all mum’s assets when she developed Alzheimer’s. 

CAMERAThen Marc insinuated mental illness for “hearing voices”… Well Marc dear, it’s called a conscience and I’ve been told that people who don’t have a conscience are called psychopaths.


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