A disgrace to our “democracy” ?

26 Feb 2015
Dear Wellington High Court.
With reference to CIV 2013-485-6986

In this matter my legitimate interests as nominated beneficiary, and trustee of my late mother’s estate, have been bypassed. There also appears to have been a disregard for the wishes, and intentions she expressed in her last Will. Adding insult to injury, an intrusive campaign of defamation has targeted my personal life too.

Sadly I appear to have been completely blocked from obtaining professional legal representation, simply because I complained about my brother’s lawyer friend: His law firm has in my view acted in conflict of interest. Consequently I wish to present a case myself.

I am fully aware you cannot give legal advice, but your senior registrar, John Earles did give advice to the law firm that my siblings engaged. Most of what went on, has been without my knowledge at the time. Consequently I request to make an appointment to discuss in person with your people what application I can make for reparation with respect to this probate.

In order for me to ever have access to professional legal services in the future, I fear I must also establish that my complaint to the Law Society was not unreasonable. To this end I further wish to discuss filing for proceedings against the law firm that acted in conflict of interest.

It is likely that I will be requesting to have my evidence affidavited while I am there. It is not my fault I don’t know anything about the law, or about your procedures, but I do know wrong from right: What has transpired here has been wrong in every way.

Please can you let me know when would be suitable time, and who I can see about this. Keeping in mind that I must organize my travel between Christchurch and Wellington.

Yours faithfully,
Ms. F. A. Perduta

 The official reply, as usual a flippant dismissal:

Jane-Penney-GmailFev-2015  they twist and squirm to avoid it coming to court.

Does anyone know the procedures to initite legal action against a law firm?

If so, contact me via the e-mail shown in the pdf.

Thanks in advance,


p.s. If you would like to join me in asking “our” government for investigation of corrupt underhand dealings in our justice system… please sign my petition to our minister of justice.


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