Question Time: Who *do* they answer to?

LinkedInDear Anabelle J,

Why were you as a “Principle Advisor at New Zealand Ministry of Justice” checking my LinkedIn profile last year? What were you looking for, what did you find, on whose behalf and what was your conclusion? Am I not allowed to know what the accusations are and are you going to clear my name when you find no evidence?

Why am I unable to get a straight answer from anyone in the New Zealand legal system? False accusations, furtive court hearings, uncommunicative legal professionals, government departments covering each other’s back, secrecy, lies… deception…

Is this the new face of “justice” in New Zealand?

You leave me no choice but to ask my questions in public. See there is a public comments section for their convenience.

I have done nothing wrong, but to ask for my equal legal rights.

Does their sinister silence testify to their guilty conscience?


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