~ Evil reigns, when Good remains silent. ~

Fri, 28th November 2014, Christchurch, New Zealand.

Dear Hon. Amy Adams, New Zealand Minister of Justice,

After you forwarded my previous request to Jane Penney of the Wellington High court she informed that the matter had been concluded without my knowledge.

This case has been about my late mother’s last Will. A perfectly reasonable request, that her estate be divided equally between her 4 children, and taking into account what she had already advanced to some. I too, have not been uneasonable in asking that my siblings acknowledge the assets they received (as documented by the deceased) and account for the additional assets that they lifted from mum’s estate, after she became afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease.

However, what has been less than reasonable, (and most inequitable) is that instead, my siblings appointed lawyers to represent the estate unilaterally on their behalf. Their lawyers refused to represent my interests oreven communicate with me, even though I am a nominated beneficiary, and an appointed trustee of the estate.  Evidence shows indisputably that they lied, colluded, and prevaricated with irrelevance and misdirection.

My consequent complaint to the Law Society, and to the LCRO were appropriate: I do have a right to be informed of what they were doing on behalf of mum’s estate. I do have a right to be included in communications. I have a right to have my interests represented. I also had a legal right to ask that mum’s Will be submitted for the court to make the decisions. They did not have a right to refuse!

Alas, instead of upholding standards in the legal profession, both the New Zealand Law Society and the LCRO, gave dishonest and deceitful reviews. It has also come to light that they surreptitiously then acted to deny me further professional legal services of any kind what-so-ever.

Now this recent proceeding in the high court took place entirely behind my back. I have still not been informed what was presented and to whom, what document probate was granted on, whether executors have been appointed, whether assets are being distributed, whose authority anyone has been acting on, let alone that mum’s last wished would have been respected and my interests represented. I declare it fraudulent and unlawful. I am entitled to compensation.

Furthermore, it has come to light that the extensive harassment and character defamation, perpetrated against me over many years now, (and has included false accusations of crimes like rape and pedophilia), were orchestrated by my siblings. This they did in attempt to discredit me. They abused multiple authorities to instigate investigations.
They derailed, misrepresented and discredited my online and real life activities. More recently, they enlisted the aid of international transphobic hate groups, to target me… and much more.

All this has taken place, while I was trying to look after my child. A child who had already been psychologically damaged by malevolent manipulation of divorce proceedings. It has taken place while I was trying to restart my career and struggling to update my skills… It has taken place, while my home and our city lay in ruins due to earth quake disasters.

My sibling’s personal persecution and legal shenanigans to defraud mums estate and bypass her last wishes, has been at the expense of my career, my studies and my emotional well-being. It culminated in traumatic stress, demoralizing me to the brink of suicide. In fact as a direct result, for two whole years I was not even able to go ask for help, yet it continued unabated. All this testifies to guilty demeanor and dissolute moral deficiency of not only the Scaife siblings but also of the legal professionals involved.

Historical details of this situation are now to be found at https://angelicaperduta.wordpress.com/ but, as this is far from an unusual case, I will not abide in silence that such abuse and unmitigated greed be empowered uncontested:

We, the undersigned of this petition, request that YOU, our elected representative responsible for policies on matters of justice, address the issues of corruption, deception and profiteering in our legal system.

Yours faithfully,

Ms. F.A. Perduta


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