Wellington High Court: Morally Destitute

Having had everything I’ve ever said about my mum’s estate flatly ignored and dismissed, by the legal profession, I’ve once again been fobbed off by one bureaucrat after the other. I did make a short Youtube series about it, a while back as it’s exactly the same kind of treatment I experienced from the “family” court in England before that.

Anyway, finally I get this message back from a Jane Penney of the Wellington High Court:
Well previously when I asked to apply for probate my siblings refused to let “our” lawyer do that. So I tried to go along with their application for letters of administration… but then they objected to me being included in that too. Robin even went so far as filing a caveat against me although nobody ever told me what that was for. I think the real reason was that I politely had asked them to account for the assets they took from mum when she developed Alzheimer’s.

Now it’s quite incredible that after all the correspondence with the Wellington High Court, all they had to do is appoint yet another law firm that refuses to communicate with me and that I know nothing about. The High Court evidently didn’t see anything wrong with that and rubber stamped their application without even informing me, either before, during, or on completion. I don’t even know what document was granted probate on, but AFAIK I am a beneficiary of the Will, as well as a nominated trustee of mum’s estate. Lawyers acting in conflict of interest? No… never! (According to the New Zealand Law Society). Note: The Legal Complaints Review Office (i.e the ministry of “justice”) agreed with them.

I’m preparing my response. Evidently it won’t make a blind bit of difference in this cuntry where the law is demonstrably a farce,  but I’m not going to suffer their abuse in silence. In the first place I’m simply not able to bottle it all up inside me anymore, but also, I think the general public have a right to know. In fact I feel the government have a duty to restore justice and integrity to our sick legal industry.

I am going to be demanding compensation, for the losses I suffer, for the futile impositions on my time and the emotional distress as well as for all the public harassment. I doubt I’ll get anywhere, but if my ex son should ever read this, then he might want to contact his uncle Robin Michael Scaife: Ask about your share of the money that Robin says mum left to her grandchildren, Nick. He wouldn’t disclose any specifics, but he did say it was enough to buy each of his 3 children a house of their own. You might be able to contact Robin on Facebook, but I was blocked from there (I have no idea what for, or when). Alternatively you could write to him. The last recorded address I have is: 35 Leura Street, Nedlands WA6009, Perth, Western Australia… I doubt you’ll get anywhere either, but you have nothing to lose.


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