TERF connexion

I had never even heard the acronym “TERF” until I became aware of unidentified 3rd parties doxing and defaming me without provocation. However… I shall make a separate blog about them, because family business is none of their business.

… anyway … so after my siblings had malevolently interfered in my divorce, abused one authority after the other, corrupted the entire New Zealand legal system to deny me representation, milked our mother dry and denied me my legitimate inheritance… they set about drumming up support from transphobic hate cults to defame, persecute and harass me (and my child too, as if he hadn’t suffered enough!).

44-MandyTrespassSmallNo sooner did I respond to the TERF hate campaign, than Amanda Rowe e-mailed my son who lives in England with his mum. Her purpose to denigrate me and once again abuse my child as a means to get at me. Nick responded by calling me a “tin foil hat conspiracy theorist” and criticizing me for being anti-feminist.

i.e. I had been critical of the TERF hate group who had been conducting their unprovoked personal hate campaign, instigated by Amanda, my sibling,s and apparently some guy call Christopher William Pappas that lives near Niagara Falls and I have no idea what his problem is.

So I finally decided that the only way to protect my child is to let every one know that I don’t care about him at all. It is the only way to ensure that nobody can abuse him to get at me, or hold him to ransom or use him for emotional black mail.

Note: Amanda Rowe had stalked me for several years interfering intrusively, while I was desperately trying to present a male role model and look after my son here, even though he was distrustful and very demanding due to what his mother had been telling him over those years that she had denied us all contact, During that time Amanda made numerous false accusations to the authorities and also provided my “brother” Robin Scaife with information with which to discredit me.

In this picture Amanda was on my doorstep making false claims that came from Robin, and refusing to leave. I phoned the Police, but they would not come. She subsequently said she would tell me what Robin had been saying about me if I opened the door. When I did, she promptly barged in, physically assaulted me, ripped my clothing (while calling me a “fucking cunt” repeatedly) and demanding that I hand over my camera.

I had no choice but to to get her out by force. In the struggle we fell over my bicycle (which she damaged in the process) and we both sustained scratches and bruises. These she evidently later showed to the police. An officer phoned me, and said he they were putting me on an assault charge. He did not come to see my bruises, and he cut me off saying he wasn’t going to listen to my ‘stories’. So I told him I have a legal right to expel intruders by force, and I hung up.

Note that all three accounts that have commented on any of the posts in this web log have been identified as belonging to Amanda Rowe. Her motive? Malice!



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