Stale Mate

Perduta letter2-9-14Dear Paula Tesoriero,

Alas the estate lawyers appointed by my brother at Cruickshank-Pryde would only do what my siblings instructed them, which has not included the steps outlined by Ms. Penny.

Meanwhile New Zealand Law Society’s corrupt response to my legitimate complaint, about Cruickshank-Pryde acting in conflict of interest, is precluding me from obtaining any further professional advice. In my opinion it was the responsibility of the Ministry of Justice through their Legal Complaints Review Office to ensure that the law remains accessible to all parties, but they have instead elected to endorse the white-wash from our Law Society. Thus your recommendation I get professional legal advice, is not possible as lawyers flatly reject me as a client or don’t even reply.

As I already explained, the legal advice I did receive some time ago, was that probate could be granted on my mothers hand written last Will and Testament and that the documents should be placed before the court so that they can make a decision one way or the other. I cannot supply original documents that were either already in posession of the court, or have been held by opposing parties over the past 4 years.

There seems to be nothing more I can do about this matter, so I shall simply state my objection to the extensive violations and disrespect of my rights, property, and privacy that have taken place. In the public interest I declare the matter now public domain, and I claim the right to publish it.

Kind regards,


Ms. F.A.  Perduta


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