The Arrogant

Note: I shall be adding links to relevant evidence soon. To legal people involved my reply is: You’ve been presented with all this and much more over the past 4 years. You have done nothing but prevaricate, so either take it to court finally, or just STFU.

Robin My brother, Robin Michael Scaife admits in his e-mail that our mother was no longer mentally capable to look after her assets in 2001. He says that they transferred her Fidelity shares into his name and mum’s Canadian funds into Marc’s name. Note: despite this admission and the 84 pages of evidence they were supplied with, our objective “Legal Complaints Review Office” (as well as the New Zealand Law Society) dismiss this as “allegations”.
While I have had practically no involvement with Robin what-so-ever over the past 30+ years, he suddenly started spreading rumors trying to frame me for rape and pedophilia. Robin apparently also raised objections to my being appointed as an executor for mum’s estate, although nobody has said for what reason.

Some of the evidence:

SetWidth550-Screen-Shot-2013-02-07-at-12.04.05-PM My brother, Jan-Marc Servaas Scaife, built an expensive mansion on lake Wakatipu. It is in a “family trust” entirely financed from money he obtained from our mum. After we decided mum’s Alzheimer condition had deteriorated to the stage she could not look after herself, in 2001 Marc had mum sign an enduring power of attorney, including permission for him to carry on unspecified “gifting programs” on her behalf. Originally Marc had claimed they signed assets over so as to administrate them on mum’s behalf but the moment she dies, he and his bent lawyer started claiming they had been “gifts”. He also lied, claiming there were no records of debts to mum’s estate.

  • Marc’s Power of Attorney, drafted after we decided mum was not competent to look after her assets and giving him permission to carry on unspecified gifting programs.

Simon_Stamers-Smith_photo-250pxSimon Stammer-Smith, a lawyer with Cruikshank-Pryde law firm has been a friend of Marc’s for decades. He was fully aware of what Marc was up to and made false statements alleging I would have received more than my share already. Simon refused to communicate with me from the start. Eventually the Law Society supplied extensive records of unilateral communications between Simon and my three siblings. They were blatantly colluding to excuse the embezzlement of mum’s assets in conflict with my interests as a nominated beneficiary of the estate, which Simon would have had a professional duty to defend. They found petty technicalities to claim mum’s Will would be invalid. The Will was perfectly reasonable request to share her estate equally between her 4 children taking into account the advances (debts to the estate) that she already given to some.

  • Simon fabricating legalities to bypass equal distribution of the whole estate as was intended by mum.
  • Simon and Marc dismissing embezzled funds as “gifts”.
  • Simon sneering about “Chris’s latest” with the 3 siblings who had helped themselves to mums assets and chattels.

SomonCouncilorIt is worth noting that Simon Stammer-Smith is running for election and so this might be why the Law Society and the Legal Complaints Review Office are reluctant to concede his professional misconduct. However in my opinion it’s all the more reason he should be discredited as it is not in the public interest to have corrupt duplicitous liars appointed to positions of authority and trust.


2 thoughts on “The Arrogant”

    1. My mom was a stay at home mom, and my dad was a scientist who worked for the European atomic research center. He had been tricked into buying excessive life insurance, so when he died at the age of 45 mom got a lot of money and an incredible widows pension of $88,000 per year.


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