Legally Privileged?

For fear of reprisals authorities protect the identity of those reporting criminal activities, and they will even accept anonymous tip-offs, but what about the right of those falsely accused to be protected against malevolent harassment, slander and ongoing persecution?

Elsewhere I shall publish details of the incriminating allegations made against me over many years, and the devastating effect they had on myself and my child.
Suffice it to say here,  that evidence shows a lot of it, was instigated by my own siblings. Their intent: To discredit my sanity, and so to dismiss my objections to being cheated out of my rightful inheritance.

You see, following our mother’s death, my brother Marc, hired a bent “estate” lawyer who acted in flagrant conflict of interest to cover up the fact they had embezzled mum’s financial assets while she was suffering from Alzheimer disease:
Said lawyer manipulated the system, to achieve that I would be denied professional legal services, while anything I say is simply dismissed as “allegations” and all evidence I produce has been ignored.

Communications with lawyers are usually considered “legally privileged”.  One might also assume that my siblings privacy should be respected, however they have shown no respect what-so-ever for my privacy, or my legal communications. They abused their privilege to conceal fraud.
Not only was I cheated, but I have been incriminated and harassed malevolently for years.
Appealing to the appropriate authorities consumed much of my energy, but there is nothing to suggest they have considered anything that I said at all.

Due to this lack of integrity, I hereby declare their claims to privilege and privacy are defunct and assert my right to publish the unadulterated truth, without censorship for the world to see exactly how dissolute and corrupt our New Zealand legal system has become.

I’ll be back :o)


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