New Zealand Ministry of lies, subterfuge and injustice?

28 August 2014

 Dear Paula Tesoriero,

Ostensibly, a member of your staff wrote the attached letter.

I state once again: The legal advice that I received was that probate can be granted on Mrs. Scaife’s Will, and that in the even of a difference of opinion the documents should be presented for a court to make a decision.

I discovered that the lawyers of Cruickshank-Pryde sought unilateral advice from the technical adviser to your high court. In his e-mail John Earles, says it is the appointment of trustees rather than executors that mean probate can’t be granted.


However I would like to know why anyone would appoint trustees for an estate if said trustees have no authority to act as executors?

Now by Robin Scaife’s own admission he and Marc took Mrs Scaife’s assets while she had Alzheimer disease, but on her death they claimed it was gifted to them. I have provided you (and many lawyers, and the Law Society, and the LCRO) evidence of this.

How do you expect me to include the original document when you send it back to my siblings who clearly have no intention what-so-ever of respecting the wishes of the deceased: namely for equal distribution of her estate between her children, while taking debts to the estate into account? The Law Society even went so far as to ridicule me for daring to ask for this document some years ago, but I was of understanding that our estate lawyer was not going to use it.

How do you expect me to “get legal advice” when said Law Society (as well as the LCRO) abuse my justifiable complaint about the estate lawyer blatantly, acting in conflict of interest? Thus they deny me all further legal services in this country!

I state once again. I will not be cheated out of my legitimate inheritance without voicing my objection and making the true facts public: In no way will this kind of corrupt legal chicanery ever become acceptable practice.

Yours faithfully,

Ms. F.A. Perduta



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